Matt Saracen

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Matthew "Matt" Saracen is a fictional character in the NBC/DirecTV (The 101 Network) television drama series Friday Night Lights portrayed by the actor Zach Gilford. He is the former backup quarterback of the Dillon High School Panthers before being thrust into the starting spotlight after Jason Street suffers a career-ending injury. His character is based on Chris Comer from the original 1990 book and the 2004 film.

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Matt Saracen
Friday Night Lights character
Zach Gilford as Matthew Saracen
First appearance"Pilot"
Last appearance"Always"
Created byPeter Berg
Portrayed byZach Gilford
In-universe information
NicknameMatt, Matty, QB1, Seven, Cobra, Mayday
OccupationHigh School Student (Seasons 1-3)

Back-up Quarterback for the Dillon Panthers ("Pilot," Season 1)

Starting Quarterback for the Dillon Panthers (Seasons 1-3)
Wide Receiver for the Dillon Panthers (Season 3)
Alamo Freeze Assistant Manager (Seasons 1-3)
Community College Student and Panther Pizza Delivery Driver (Season 4)
College Art Student (Seasons 4-5)
FamilyLorraine Saracen (Grandmother)
Henry Saracen (Father, deceased)
Shelby Garrett (Mother)
Eric Taylor (Father-in-Law)
Tami Taylor (Mother-in-Law)
Gracie Taylor (Sister-in-Law)