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Mewati gharana

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The Mewati gharana is a musical apprenticeship tribe of Hindustani classical music. Known for being Pandit Jasraj's musical lineage, the gharana was founded by brothers Utd. Ghagge Nazir Khan and Utd. Wahid Khan (beenkar) of Indore[1] in the late 19th century at the Holkar Court.[2] Members of this gharana have had an active influence in Indian cinema for over half a century.[3]

Singer Pandit Jasraj accompanied by his students (2017).

With its own distinct aesthetics, stylings, practices, and repertoire, the gharana emerged as an offshoot of the Khandarbani Dhrupad, and Qawwal Bacchon musical traditions.[4] The gharana gained visibility in the late-20th century after Pt. Jasraj popularized the gayaki.[5]