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Michael Kieran Harvey (born 7 July 1961) is an Australian pianist and composer whose career has been notable for its diversity and wide repertoire. He is renowned for commissioning, performing and composing new music. He has especially promoted the works of Australian composers, such as Carl Vine, most of whose piano music he has recorded and much of which was written for him. He is also particularly associated with the piano music of Olivier Messiaen.

According to critic Clive O'Connell in The Age: "Few Australian pianists can touch Michael Kieran Harvey, one of the most exciting exponents of contemporary music in the country".[1]



Michael Kieran Harvey was born in Sydney in 1961. He says that as a child he had great difficulty in coming to terms with being a musician, as he played four different codes of football and was also involved in surf lifesaving.[2] His brother, Dominic, was head of brass at the Australian National University and is a noted conductor; his sister Bernadette, is a pianist.[3] and another sister, Rowan Harvey-Martin, is a violinist and noted conductor.[4][5] His mother, Anne (a student of Alexander Sverjensky), abandoned her plans to become a concert pianist when her own father died in her mid-teens. His father, Francis, was a journalist and for a time a freelance cellist.[2] He is married to pianist Arabella Teniswood-Harvey. Michael has two children, Isabella and Raphael, by his first marriage, to pianist Denise Papaluca.[citation needed]


Harvey studied piano at the Canberra School of Music with Alan Jenkins, at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music under Gordon Watson, and at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest, under Sándor Falvai. He first came to international prominence by jointly winning,[6] with Edith Chen, the 1993 International Solo Piano Competition founded by Ivo Pogorelić in Pasadena, California, in which he performed Carl Vine's Piano Sonata No. 1.

At the time, this was the world's richest piano competition. He entered the competition not believing he could win, but as an excuse to go to Los Angeles to see Frank Zappa, who was very ill, and to seek permission to play his piano music in public. However, Zappa died of cancer on the day of the finals and Harvey did not meet him. His manager from Columbia Artists Management was Ronald Wilford, who was Glenn Gould's manager, and at that stage Ivo Pogorelić's own manager.[citation needed]


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He has premiered many new Australian concertos by composers such as Yitzhak Yedid, Carl Vine, Nigel Westlake, Paul Grabowsky, Larry Sitsky, Barry Conyngham, Don Kay, and Eve Duncan.

He has given Australian premieres of important international works by Louis Andriessen, Stefan Wolpe, Donald Martino, Frank Zappa, Jon Lord (of Deep Purple), Keith Emerson (of Emerson, Lake & Palmer), Beat Furrer and Milton Babbitt.

Harvey has worked with conductors such as Edo de Waart, Reinbert de Leeuw, Diego Masson, Markus Stenz and Kristjan Järvi, and has collaborated with the Arditti Quartet, the Netherlands and Luxembourg Philharmonics, Jon Lord, Keith Emerson, and Paul Grabowsky. He regularly appears as soloist with Australian symphony orchestras.

He has performed and recorded most of Olivier Messiaen's works involving piano to high critical acclaim. In 2005 he released a live 3-CD recording of the Australian premiere of the entire Catalogue d'oiseaux featuring Peter Cundall as narrator. Despite his close association with Messiaen's music Harvey is an atheist, who describes himself as having escaped Catholicism in his early teens, as did Frank Zappa.

He has recorded Carl Vine's complete piano music (including the 12 Preludes of 2006), much of which was written for him. He commissioned Nigel Westlake's Piano Sonatas I (1998) and II (2004) and Piano Concerto (2000) and gave the premiere performances. Harvey has commissioned and recorded major Australian piano cycles by Larry Sitsky, Mike Nock, and Graham Hair, and promoted major works by Helen Gifford, Warren Burt, Eve Duncan, Tom Henry, and Brett Dean.[7]


Harvey holds a PhD in composition and has recorded much of his own music.[7]

Elektra piano with live electronics 1992
Toccata DNA piano 1993
Toccata DNA trio for percussion, flute and piano 1993
Addict piano with live electronics 1994
Spindrift piano with live electronics 1995
Kazohinia French horn, singer, piano, synthesiser, CD and live electronics 1997–98
Play the piano drunk until the fingers begin to bleed a bit electric piano and CD 2002
Miles away electric piano and CD 2002
...until the fingers begin to bleed... amplified sextet (2 pianos, clarinet, viola, 2 electric guitars) 2002
Blood on the spinifex suite of 12 movements for electric piano and CD 2003
Pink Nautilus piano 2003
Piano Sonata No. 1 piano 2006
Kursk cello and piano 2007
48 Fugues for Frank cycle for piano/keyboards 2009
Makzurka piano 2011
Etude for trumpet in C and piano trumpet and piano 2011
Homage to Liszt percussion and piano 2011
Fear violin and piano 2011
Psychosonata (Piano Sonata No. 2) piano 2012
City of Snakes bass clarinet, drums, electric piano, bass 2013
Deus est fabula clarinet, piano, violin 2014
N-Chromium keyboards and rock ensemble 2014
Deaths Head Mandala synthesiser, electric guitar and rock ensemble 2014
The Ride of the Little Star piano 2014
Patañjali suite of five movements for two keyboards and percussion 2015
Carpe Diem piano 2015
"7" baritone saxophone and piano 2015
"7" alto saxophone and keyboards 2016
Portrait of Bob Brown violin and piano 2016
Piano Sonata No. 3 "Aporia" piano 2016
Homage to Liszt violin and piano 2016
Homage to Liszt solo piano 2017
The Green Brain cycle of 20 movements for piano/keyboards 2017–18
Tubby the president tuba and piano 2018
Module Fugue piano 2018
Keen piano 2018
Piano Sonata No. 4 "A. Gramsci" piano 2018
Catalogue des Errances Bibliques (duo), Symphony in no need of an orchestra cycle of 25 movements for duo keyboards 2018
Astro Labe, Coeur de Lion duo for trumpet and electric piano/synth/sequencer 2018
PRTZL solo for two opposing keyboards 2018
Catalogue des Errances Bibliques (ensemble), Symphony in no need of an orchestra cycle of 25 movements for narrator and ensemble 2019
Aporia II three pianos and percussion 2019
Divertimento solo piano 2019
Gestalt Climate for two pianos 2019
Duo for viola and piano viola and piano 2019
Rameaustein for iPads, iPhone and electric keyboard 2019
Inside the World of the Digital Narcissist for soprano and percussion 2019
Piano Sonata #5 "GRETA", Concerto in no need of an orchestra solo piano/electric keyboard 2020
Piano Sonata #6: '17 Graeme Lee Prints' solo piano 2020


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18 "Catalogue d'oiseaux" Messiaen with narration by Peter Cundall Move triple CD MD3299 2005
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31 "Dimensions of Night" Piano Cycle of 10 movements by Larry Sitsky Move MD 3325 2009
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38 "Patañjali" a celebration of Patañjali's Yoga-Sūtra in music and āsana: composed for 2 keyboards and percussion by Michael Kieran Harvey 2015 Move CD/DVD MD 3399 2015
39 "126 Variations on Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" the Young Person's Guide to Composition (2014) by Julian Yu Move MD 3404 2016
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53 "Piano Sonata #6" Piano Sonata #6: '17 Graeme Lee Prints' with aphorisms by Arjun von Caemmerer (2020), composed and performed by M.K.Harvey Move MD 3453, 2020


In 2005 the Michael Kieran Harvey Scholarship was established and funded by Susan Mary Remington in honour of his contribution to Australian music, and to encourage future directions in keyboard art music. Recipients: 2006 – Cameron Roberts; 2008 – Ashley Hribar; 2010 – Zubin Kanga; 2012 – Aura Go and Adam Cook; 2014 – Dr James Hullick; 2016 – Alex Raineri and Nicholas Young;[8] 2018 – Rohan Drape; 2020 – Dr Anthony Pateras.[7]


  • Joint Grand Prix in the 1993 International Solo Piano Competition (usually referred to as the Ivo Pogorelić Piano Competition, after its founder) in Pasadena, with Edith Chen
  • Debussy Medal (Paris 1985)[9]
  • Finalist, Inaugural International Franz Liszt Piano Competition, Utrecht, Netherlands (1986)[10]
  • Four consecutive Australian Mo Awards for best classical artist
  • Awarded the Australian Government's Centenary Medal for services to Australian music (2002)
  • Three times nominated for the Helpmann Award[11]
  • His recordings are regularly nominated in the ARIAs and APRAs.
  • APRA Award for Distinguished Services to Australian Music (2009)


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