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Modular smartphone

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A modular smartphone is a smartphone designed for users to upgrade or replace components and modules without the need for resoldering or repair services. [1] The most important component is the main board, to which others such as cameras and batteries are attached. [1] Components can be obtained from open-source hardware stores.[2]

A image of the front and back of a Fairphone 2, showing the screen, camera and speaker at the front, and antennas, battery, card slots, loudspeaker and rear camera at the back, among other components.
Front and back of a Fairphone 2 with a transparent case, showing the modular design. The individual components can be highlighted in the annotated image.

This design aims to reduce electronic waste, increase the phone's lifespan, and lower repair costs.[1] However, modular smartphones are generally bulkier and slower than their non-modular counterparts which may make them less attractive for most consumers.[3]