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Morchella esculenta

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Morchella esculenta (commonly known as common morel, morel, yellow morel, true morel, morel mushroom, and sponge morel) is a species of fungus in the family Morchellaceae of the Ascomycota. It is one of the most readily recognized of all the edible mushrooms and highly sought after. Each fruit body begins as a tightly compressed, grayish sponge with lighter ridges, and expands to form a large yellowish sponge with large pits and ridges raised on a large white stem. The pitted yellow-brown caps measure 2–7 centimetres (1–3 inches) broad by 2–10 cm (1–4 in) tall, and are fused to the stem at its lower margin, forming a continuous hollow. The pits are rounded and irregularly arranged. The hollow stem is typically 2–9 cm (1–3+12 in) long by 2–5 cm (1–2 in) thick, and white to yellow. The fungus fruits under hardwoods and conifers during a short period in the spring, depending on the weather, and is also associated with old orchards, woods and disturbed grounds.

Quick facts: Morchella esculenta, Scientific classificatio...
Morchella esculenta
Scientific classification Edit this classification
Domain: Eukaryota
Kingdom: Fungi
Division: Ascomycota
Class: Pezizomycetes
Order: Pezizales
Family: Morchellaceae
Genus: Morchella
M. esculenta
Binomial name
Morchella esculenta

Helvella esculenta (L.) Sowerby
Phallus esculentus L.

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Morchella esculenta
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Smooth_icon.pngSmooth hymenium
Conical_cap_icon.svg Ovate_cap_icon.svgCap is conical or ovate
NA_cap_icon.svgHymenium attachment is irregular or not applicable
Bare_stipe_icon.svgStipe is bare
Spore print is cream to yellow
Mycorrhizal_fungus.svg Saprotrophic_fungus.svgEcology is mycorrhizal or saprotrophic
Mycomorphbox_Choice.pngEdibility is choice