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Mumba Devi Mandir is an old temple in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India dedicated to the goddess Mumbā, the local incarnation of the Devi (Mother Goddess). The Marathi मुंबा derives from Sanskrit. Mumba Devi is the goddess of the city of Mumbai. The name Mumbai is derived from Mumba Devi.[1] While Hindu sects devoted to the goddess Mumbadevi are attested to as far back as the 15th century, it is said that the temple was built in 1675 near the main landing site of the former Bori Bunder creek against the north wall of the English Fort Saint George by a Hindu woman also named Mumba. The creek and fort are now deteriorated to a point at which they are but derelict reminders of the city's past. The temple, on the other hand, is still active.[2]

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Mumba Devi Temple Complex
DistrictMumbai City
DeityMumbadevi, Maha Amba Devi
CountryFlag_of_India.svg India
Mumba Devi Temple is located in Mumbai
Mumba Devi Temple
Location within Mumbai, Maharashtra
Geographic coordinates18°57′0″N 72°49′48″E

The goddess Mumba was patron of the Marathi speaking Koli people,[3] the original inhabitants of the Seven Islands of Bombay. She is depicted as a black stone sculpture in the temple. An etymology of Mumba that is popular is "Maha Amba," or "Great Mother," one of the many of India's more well-known names for the Hindu Mother Goddess (Devi). Located in Bhuleshwar area in South Mumbai, the temple is in the heart of the steel and clothing markets. It is a sacred pilgrimage spot and place of worship for Hindus and is thus visited daily by hundreds of people. It is not uncommon for visitors of Mumbai to pay their respects at the temple and is one of the tourist attractions[4] of Mumbai.