Nadia Raj

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Nadia Raj were a dynasty of Zamindars and the rulers of territories that are now part of the Nadia district region of West Bengal, India.[2] Their seat was at the city of Krishnanagar, Nadia.[3][4] The estate of Nadia Raj was estimated to cover an area of 8,161 square kilometres (3,151 sq mi).[5]

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Nadia Raj
Current regionNadia, West Bengal, India
Founded17th century
FounderRaja Bhabananda Majumdar[1]
Final rulerRaja Ksitish Chandra Roy
DissolutionJanuary 26, 1950; 73 years ago (1950-01-26)

The rulers of Nadia Raj established many Sanskrit schools in Nadia, since they were the patron of Sanskrit literature and music. They were also patrons of Sanskrit culture in Bengal.[6]