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Nahid Siddiqui (born 1956[1]) is an exponent of Kathak dance.[2][3]

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Nahid Siddiqui
Born1956 (age 6667)
Rawalpindi, Pakistan
NationalityBritish Pakistani
Occupation(s)Kathak choreographer, dancer
Years active1970s – present
OrganizationsNahid Siddiqui Foundation
ParentTalat Siddiqui (mother)

She has been a disciple of two great teachers: Maharaj Kathak (Pakistan) and Birju Maharaj (India). She has against all odds and challenges, spent decades of her life breathing hope, vitality, and exuberance to a dance form that has received very little state patronage and support. Through sheer perseverance, she has not only earned the reputation of a prolific artist but has also singlehandedly set a formidable standard of quality, a refined sensibility of aesthetics, and an intricate system of technical expertise that has received much acclaim all over the world. She is acknowledged for contributing her own style, technique, and expression (Gharana), which is imbued and informed by Islamic and Sufi aesthetics, sensibilities, and longing for ultimate union.[4] Siddiqui is ever-evolving her craft as she performs at major venues, festivals, and television worldwide.[5][6]

She has been the recipient of several awards, including Pakistan’s Pride of Performance, the UK’s British Cultural Award, and the International Dance Award.[7][8]

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