National Laboratory of Psychical Research

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The National Laboratory of Psychical Research was established in 1926 by Harry Price, at 16 Queensberry Place, London. Its aim was "to investigate in a dispassionate manner and by purely scientific means every phase of psychic or alleged psychic phenomena". The honorary president was Lord Sands, K.C., LL.D., acting president was H. G. Bois, and the honorary director was Harry Price. In 1930 the Laboratory moved from Queensberry Square, where it had been a tenant of the London Spiritualist Alliance to 13 Roland Gardens. In 1938, its library was transferred on loan to the University of London.[1]

Harry Price testing the medium Pasquale Erto at the laboratory in 1931 – the "Luminous Man" from Naples was exposed as a fraud.

The National Laboratory of Psychical Research was a rival to the Society for Psychical Research.[2] Price had a number of disputes with the SPR, most notably over the mediumship of Rudi Schneider.[3] Price paid mediums to test them, the SPR criticised Price and disagreed about paying mediums for testing.[4]

In 1934 the Laboratory was replaced by the University of London Council for Psychical Investigation (not an official body of the University) under the Chairmanship of C. E. M. Joad with Harry Price as Hon. Secretary.[5] John Flügel, Cyril Burt, Cecil Alec Mace and Francis Aveling were members of the Council. Price suspended the operations of the Council in 1938.[6][7] It was never revived.[8]