Nautical mile

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A nautical mile is a unit of length used in air, marine, and space navigation, and for the definition of territorial waters.[2][3] Historically, it was defined as the meridian arc length corresponding to one minute (1/60 of a degree) of latitude at the equator. Today the international nautical mile is defined as 1,852 metres (about 6,076 ft; 1.151 mi).[4] The derived unit of speed is the knot, one nautical mile per hour.

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Nautical mile
Unit oflength
SymbolM, NM,[lower-alpha 1] or nmi
1 M, NM,[lower-alpha 2] or nmi in ...... is equal to ...
   metre   1,852[1]
   foot   ≈6,076
   statute mile   ≈1.151
   cable   10