Nawabs of Murshidabad

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The Nawab Bahadur of Murshidabad (Bengali: মুর্শিদাবাদের নবাব বাহাদুর), or simply known as the Nawab of Murshidabad, was a hereditary title of Bengal akin to Western peerage. They were direct descendants of the former Nawabs of Bengal, who were the de facto rulers of Bengal, and inherited their estates and property. The inaugural holder was Hassan Ali Mirza. After the death of Waris Ali Mirza in 1969, the title was held in abeyance and later abolished. In August 2014, the Indian Supreme Court ruled that his nephew, Abbas Ali Meerza, was a rightful heir of the Nawabs of Murshidabad.[2]

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Nawab of Murshidabad
Creation date1882
First holderHassan Ali Mirza
Last holderWaris Ali Mirza
Present holderAbbas Ali Meerza (pretender)[1]
Extinction date1969
Seat(s)Hazarduari Palace
Wasif Manzil