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Neft Daşları

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Neft Daşları (pronounced [ˈneft dɑʃlɑˈɾɯ] lit.'Oil Rocks') is an industrial settlement in Baku, Azerbaijan. The settlement forms part of the municipality of Çilov-Neft Daşları in the Pirallahy raion.[2] It lies 100 km (62 mi) away from the Azerbaijani capital Baku, and 55 km (34 mi) from the nearest shore in the Caspian Sea. A full town on the sea, it was the first oil platform in Azerbaijan, and the first operating offshore oil platform in the world, incorporating numerous drilling platforms. It is featured in Guinness World Records as the world's first offshore oil platform.[3]

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Neft Daşları
Oil Rocks monuments
Oil Rocks monuments
Neft Daşları is located in Caspian Sea
Neft Daşları
Neft Daşları
Neft Daşları is located in Azerbaijan
Neft Daşları
Neft Daşları
Coordinates: 40°14′10″N 50°51′30″E
MunicipalityÇilov-Neft Daşları
Time zoneUTC+4 (AZT)

The settlement began with a single path out over the water and grew into a system of paths and platforms built on the back of ships sunk to serve as the Neft Daşları's foundation.[4] The most distinctive feature of Neft Daşları is that it is actually a functional city with a population of about 2,000 and over 300 km (190 mi) of streets built on piles of dirt and landfill.[5]

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