New York World

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The New York World was a newspaper published in New York City from 1860 until 1931. The paper played a major role in the history of American newspapers. It was a leading national voice of the Democratic Party. From 1883 to 1911 under publisher Joseph Pulitzer, it was a pioneer in yellow journalism, capturing readers' attention with sensation, sports, sex and scandal and pushing its daily circulation to the one-million mark. It was sold in 1931 and merged into the New York World-Telegram.

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New York World
New York World cover announcing conquest of Dewey of the Spanish Navy in the Battle of Manila Bay in May 1898
TypeDaily newspaper
Founded1860; 163 years ago (1860)
Political alignmentIndependent Democratic/Progressive
Ceased publicationFebruary 27, 1931; 92 years ago (1931-02-27)
HeadquartersNew York World Building
Circulation313,000 (1931)[1]
OCLC number32646018