Nick and Nora Charles

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Nick and Nora Charles are fictional characters created by Dashiell Hammett in his novel The Thin Man. The characters were later adapted for film in a series of films between 1934 and 1947; for radio from 1941 to 1950; for television from 1957 through 1959; as a Broadway musical in 1991; and as a stage play in 2009.

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Nick and Nora Charles
(William Powell and Myrna Loy as Nick & Nora in the 1939 film Another Thin Man).
First appearanceThe Thin Man
Created byDashiell Hammett
Portrayed byWilliam Powell & Myrna Loy (film, 1934–1947)
Les Damon/Les Tremayne/David Gothard/Joseph Curtin & Claudia Morgan (radio, 1941–1950)
Peter Lawford & Phyllis Kirk (TV, 1957–1959)
Craig Stevens & Jo Ann Pflug (TV film)
Barry Bostwick & Joanna Gleason (Broadway musical)
In-universe information
GenderMale & Female
OccupationPrivate detective

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