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NINJAM stands for Novel Intervallic Network Jamming Architecture for Music. The software and systems comprising NINJAM provide a non-realtime mechanism for exchanging audio data across the internet, with a synchronisation mechanism based on musical form. It provides a way for musicians to "jam" (improvise) together over the Internet; it pioneered the concept of "virtual-time" jamming. It was originally developed by Brennan Underwood, Justin Frankel, and Tom Pepper.

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Original author(s)Brennan Underwood, Justin Frankel, with notable work by Tom Pepper
Initial releaseJuly 9, 2005; 18 years ago (2005-07-09)
Stable release
v0.06 (client & server), / July 20, 2005 (client), May 3, 2007 (server)
Operating systemWindows, Mac OS X, Linux
Available inEnglish
TypeCollaborative musical jamming
LicenseGNU General Public License