OpenStep is a defunct object-oriented application programming interface (API) specification for a legacy object-oriented operating system, with the basic goal of offering a NeXTSTEP-like environment on non-NeXTSTEP operating systems. OpenStep was principally developed by NeXT with Sun Microsystems, to allow advanced application development on Sun's operating systems, specifically Solaris. NeXT produced a version of OpenStep for its own Mach-based Unix, stylized as OPENSTEP,[1] as well as a version for Windows NT. The software libraries that shipped with OPENSTEP are a superset of the original OpenStep specification, including many features from the original NeXTSTEP.

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Developer(s)NeXT, Sun Microsystems
Initial releaseOctober 19, 1994; 28 years ago (1994-10-19)
Written inObjective-C
Operating systemSolaris; Windows NT; Unix-like operating systems with the Mach kernel
PlatformIA-32, PA-RISC, SPARC
Available inEnglish
TypeApplication programming interface

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