Odo of Rennes (Medieval Breton: Eudon Pentevr, Modern Breton: Eozen Penteur, Latin: Eudo, French: Eudes/Éon de Penthièvre) [lower-alpha 1] (c. 999–1079), Count of Penthièvre, was the youngest of the three sons of Duke Geoffrey I of Brittany and Hawise of Normandy, daughter of Richard I of Normandy. Eudon married Agnes of Cornouaille (Orguen Kernev), the daughter of Alan Canhiart, Count of Cornouaille and sister of Hoel II, Duke of Brittany who was married in 1066 to Eudon's niece Hawise, Duchess of Brittany.

Quick facts: Odo I, Duke of Brittany, with Alan III, Reign...
Odo I
Duke of Brittany, with Alan III
PredecessorGeoffrey I
SuccessorAlan III by himself
RegentHawise of Normandy
Count of Penthièvre
SuccessorGeoffrey I
Regent of Brittany
Bornc. 999
Died7 January 1079 (aged c. 80)
SpouseOrguen-Agnes of Cornouaille
HouseHouse of Rennes
FatherGeoffrey I
MotherHawise of Normandy
ReligionRoman Catholicism

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