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1992–2008: Volker Blust 2008–2016: Joachim Scholz since 2016: Steffen Hertwig The numbers are estimates, census results (¹) or data from statistical

Members of the IV. German Reichstag (Weimar Republic)

in German. Oskar Beier (Dresden) Fritz Borrmann Dr. Dr. Johann Viktor Bredt (1879–1940) Otto Colosser Hermann Drewitz Johannes Dunkel Wilhelm François Franz

List of German inventions and discoveries

chemical composition of nucleic acids by Albrecht Kossel Meiosis by Oscar Hertwig. Mitosis by Hugo von Mohl Mitochondrion by Richard Altmann, 1894 Glauber's

List of multiple discoveries

Lothar Meyer published his independently constructed version. 1876: Oskar Hertwig and Hermann Fol independently described the entry of sperm into the

Ernst Haeckel

Pithecanthropus alalus, and instructed his students such as Richard and Oskar Hertwig to go and find it.[citation needed] One student did find some remains: