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Our Lady of Joy Abbey

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The Our Lady of Joy Abbey is a monastery at Tai Shui Hang (大水坑), on Lantau Island in the New Territories, Hong Kong.[1][2] It is home to a number of Roman Catholic monks of the Cistercian Order of the Strict Observance, or Trappists. It was originally named "Trappist Haven Monastery", because it was founded by monks from the Our Lady of Consolation Abbey [zh-tw] in Yangchiaping, Hsüanhwa, Chahar (now Xuanhua within Zhangjiakou, Hebei), after Our Lady of Consolation Abbey was destroyed by the Communists in 1947, and from Our Lady of Joy Abbey [zh-tw], in Chengting, Hopeh (now Zhengding, Hebei), after thirty-three of the monks were murdered and the community dispersed.[3][4]

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Our Lady of Joy Abbey
Our Lady of Joy Abbey
Traditional Chinese聖母神樂院
Simplified Chinese圣母神乐院
Cantonese YaleSing móuh sáhn lohk yún
Trappist Haven Monastery
Traditional Chinese熙篤會神樂院
Simplified Chinese熙笃会神乐院
Cantonese YaleHēi dūk wúih sàhn lohk yún
Interior of the abbey church