Over the Edge Vol. 1: JAMCON'84

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JAMCON '84 was the first volume in the Over the Edge series, which distills portions of Negativland's radio program Over the Edge, broadcast on KPFA. This album was edited together from at least three different broadcasts recorded between January and July 1985.

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Over the Edge Vol. 1: JAMCON '84
Compilation album (Edited Radio Show) by
Released1985 (original)
1994 (reissue)
GenreExperimental, spoken word
LabelSST (original)
Seeland (reissue)
Negativland chronology
Over the Edge Vol. 1: JAMCON '84
Over the Edge Vol. 1½

The first program, "JAMCON '84," consists of Tracks 1 - 5, and is presented as a radio documentary covering a convention of amateur radio jammers, with commentary on radio jamming and Culture jamming, and the history and cultures surrounding them. The second program, "Negativland's 4th of July Stockholders' Picnic," is composed of Tracks 6 & 7, and is presented as a stockholders' meeting for the Universal Media Netweb (Don Joyce's fictional radio network that supposedly presents the Over the Edge program) with Joyce's character Crosley Bendix giving updates and reports regarding their recent projects in a parody of the positive-thinking movement in business. The last program - and Track 8 of the disc - is "Body English," and is presented as live coverage of President Ronald Reagan's second inaugural address.

Originally released in 1985 by SST Records on cassette only, it was re-released in 1994 by Negativland's own label, Seeland Records, as a CD with additional tracks featuring the two additional programs. The original Cassette Release contained the "JAMCON '84" program on Side A, and a program called "The Starting Line with Dick Goodbody" on Side B. "The Starting Line" Program appears on Over the Edge Vol. 1½.

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