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Overseas Vietnamese (Vietnamese: người Việt hải ngoại, Việt kiều or kiều bào) refers to Vietnamese people who live outside Vietnam. There are approximately 5 million overseas Vietnamese, the largest community of whom live in the United States.

Quick facts: Việt kiều Người Việt hải ngoại, Total popu...
Vietnamese diaspora
Việt kiều
Người Việt hải ngoại
Total population
5,300,000 (official estimates)[1][2]
Flag_of_the_United_States.svg United States2,183,000 (2019)[3]
Flag_of_Cambodia.svg Cambodia400,000–1,000,000[4]
Flag_of_Japan.svg Japan432,934 (2021)[5]
Flag_of_France.svg France350,000–400,000[6][7][8]
Flag_of_Australia_%28converted%29.svg Australia334,781 (2021)[9]
Flag_of_Canada_%28Pantone%29.svg Canada240,514 (2016)[10]
Flag_of_the_Republic_of_China.svg Taiwan215,491 (2022)[lower-alpha 1]
Flag_of_South_Korea.svg South Korea208,000 (2021)[19]
Flag_of_Germany.svg Germany188,000 (2019)[20]
Flag_of_Russia.svg Russia13,954[21]–150,000[22]
Flag_of_Thailand.svg Thailand100,000[23][24]–500,000[25]
Flag_of_Laos.svg Laos100,000[26]
Flag_of_the_United_Kingdom.svg United Kingdom90,000[27]–100,000[28][29]
Flag_of_Malaysia.svg Malaysia80,000[30]
Flag_of_the_Czech_Republic.svg Czech Republic60,000–80,000[31]
Flag_of_Poland.svg Poland40,000–50,000[31]
Flag_of_Angola.svg Angola40,000[32][33]
Flag_of_the_People%27s_Republic_of_China.svg Mainland China36,205 (2010)[lower-alpha 2][34]–303,000 (2020)[35]/33,112 (2020)[36][lower-alpha 3]
Flag_of_Norway.svg Norway28,114 (2022)[37]
Flag_of_the_Netherlands.svg Netherlands24,594 (2021)[38]
Flag_of_Sweden.svg Sweden21,528 (2021)[39]
Flag_of_Macau.svg Macau20,000 (2018)[40]
Flag_of_the_United_Arab_Emirates.svg United Arab Emirates20,000[41]
Flag_of_Saudi_Arabia.svg Saudi Arabia20,000[42][43][44]
Flag_of_Slovakia.svg Slovakia7,235[45]–20,000[46]
Flag_of_Denmark.svg Denmark16,141 (2022)[47]
Flag_of_Singapore.svg Singapore15,000[48]
Flag_of_Belgium_%28civil%29.svg Belgium12,000–15,000[49]
Flag_of_Finland.svg Finland13,291 (2021)[50]
Flag_of_Cyprus.svg Cyprus12,000[51][52]
Flag_of_New_Zealand.svg New Zealand10,086 (2018)[53]
Flag_of_Switzerland_%28Pantone%29.svg Switzerland8,000[54]
Flag_of_Hungary.svg Hungary7,304 (2016)[55]
Flag_of_Ukraine.svg Ukraine7,000[56][57]
Flag_of_Ireland.svg Ireland5,000[58]
Flag_of_Italy.svg Italy1,575[59]
Flag_of_Austria.svg Austria5,000[60][61]
Flag_of_Romania.svg Romania3,000[62]
Flag_of_Bulgaria.svg Bulgaria2,500[63]
Overseas Vietnamese population by country. Vietnam is marked red. Darker blue represent a larger number of overseas Vietnamese people by percent.

Overseas Vietnamese make up the fifth largest Asian diaspora, after the Indian diaspora, Overseas Chinese, Overseas Filipinos and the Lebanese diaspora.

The term Việt Kiều 越僑 ("Vietnamese sojourner") is used by people in Vietnam to refer to Vietnamese living outside the country and is not a term of self-identification.[64] However, many overseas Vietnamese prefer the terms Người Việt hải ngoại ("Overseas Vietnamese") or Người Việt tự do ("free Vietnamese").[65]