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Portage (software)

implementations is the Gentoo/FreeBSD project. There is an ongoing effort called the Package Manager Specification project (PMS), which aims to standardise

List of software package management systems

and ready to be installed and use. apk-tools (apk): Alpine Package Keeper, the package manager for Alpine Linux; dpkg: Originally used by Debian and now

Software company

are dedicated managers/leaders for each main specialization, "renting" their people for particular projects led by product/project managers, who formally

Go (programming language)

Programming Language Specification and Calls - The Go Programming Language Specification. "Go Programming Language Specification, §Package unsafe". golang

Linux Standard Base

Base Core Specification 3.1. 2005. "Chapter 22. Software Installation 22.3. Package Script Restrictions". Linux Standard Base Core Specification 3.1. 2005