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Pan's People were a British all-female dance troupe most commonly associated with the BBC TV music chart show Top of the Pops, from 1968 to 1976. The group, founded and led by choreographer Felicity "Flick" Colby in December 1966, accompanied top 20 hits on the weekly show for eight years, when artists were unable to perform live.[1] Pan's People appeared on many other TV shows in the UK and elsewhere in Europe, and also performed in nightclub cabaret.

Pan's People on TopPop (1971), showing the original Top of the Pops line-up; from front Babs Lord, Louise Clarke, Flick Colby, Ruth Pearson, Andi Rutherford, Dee Dee Wilde

Pan's People succeeding the Go-Jos in May/June 1968 as the second dance troupe to make monthly appearances on Top of the Pops, when the series aired in black and white. They became a weekly feature of the programme following its revamp and time extension in January 1970 and continued for the next six years, giving their last performance in April 1976 when they were replaced by the short-lived Ruby Flipper, also choreographed by Colby.[2] As a result of line-up changes just one dancer, Ruth Pearson, appeared on the whole run.

Due to their weekly exposure on British television the group acquired a high profile, and in addition as a result of the increasing number of preserved recordings from 1973 onwards, the 'classic' line-up which existed from 1972 to 1974 is still widely recognised today. The dancers in this line-up were:

Felicity "Flick" Colby (March 23, 1946 – May 26, 2011)

Babs Lord (born 1945) – member 1966–1975
Dee Dee Wilde (born 1946) – member 1966–1975
Ruth Pearson (13 July 1946 – 27 June 2017) – member 1967–1976 and choreographer on some shows 1967–1970
Louise Clarke (3 September 1949 – 25 August 2012) – member 1967–1974
Cherry Gillespie (born 1955) – member 1972–1976

Colby danced as a member of Pan's People from 1966 to 1972, and remained its principal choreographer throughout their existence, from 23 March 1946 to 26 May 2011.