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Paperinik New Adventures is an Italian comic, published by Disney Italy from 14 March 1996 to 20 December 2000, about the new adventures of Paperinik

Donald Duck in comics

everything") as a safety precaution. The character was renewed in PKNA - Paperinik New Adventures, a series of comics published in Italy between 1996 and 2000, where

PK: Out of the Shadows

Earth. The game is based on the Italian comic book series PK – Paperinik New Adventures. Donald Duck works as a security guard in the Ducklair Tower. He

Donald Duck

Italian-produced comic PKNA – Paperinik New Adventures stars Donald Duck as Paperinik, or Duck Avenger, in his battles against new alien enemies: Evronian Empire


founder of the Evroniani Empire as well as the name of the planet-turned-spaceship on which Evrons originated in the Paperinik New Adventures Disney comic.