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Peter I of Bourbon (Pierre Ier, Duc de Bourbon in French; 1311 19 September 1356) was the second Duke of Bourbon, from 1342 to his death. Peter was son of Louis I of Bourbon,[1] whom he also succeeded as Grand Chamberlain of France, and Mary of Avesnes.

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Peter I
Duke of Bourbon
Seal of Duke Peter
Died19 September 1356 (aged 4445)
Poitiers, France
(m. 1336)
FatherLouis I, Duke of Bourbon
MotherMary of Avesnes

Peter is reported to have been somewhat mentally unstable, a trait of nervous breakdowns (presumably hereditary, if mental illness is hereditary) that showed clearly for example in his daughter Joan of Bourbon, the queen, and in her son, king Charles VI of France, as well as in Peter's only surviving son, Duke Louis II.