Petrache Poenaru

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Petrache Poenaru (Romanian pronunciation: [peˈtrake po.eˈnaru]; 10 January 1799 – 2 October 1875) was a Romanian inventor of the Enlightenment era.

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Petrache Poenaru
An 1860s photograph by Carol Szathmari
Born(1799-01-10)January 10, 1799
DiedOctober 2, 1875(1875-10-02) (aged 76)
NationalityWallachian, Romanian
Occupation(s)Inventor, mathematician, physicist, teacher, politician
Known forInventing the fountain pen

Poenaru, who had studied in Paris and Vienna and, later, completed his specialized studies in England, was a mathematician, physicist, engineer, inventor, teacher and organizer of the educational system, as well as a politician, agronomist, and zootechnologist, founder of the Philharmonic Society, the Botanical Gardens and the National Museum of Antiquities in Bucharest.

While a student in Paris, Petrache Poenaru invented the world's first fountain pen, an invention for which the French Government issued a patent on 25 May 1827.[1][2]