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Pinguiochrysidaceae is a family of marine Heterokontophyta.[1] It is the only family in the order Pinguiochrysidales, which is the only order in the class Pinguiophyceae. It includes five species of unicellular organisms with high concentration of polyunsaturated fatty acids in the cytoplasm.[1] The other common features are the lack of cell wall and the tendency for flagella loss even on the stage of zoospore, which is unusual for heterokonts.[1] One species (Polypodochrysis teissieri) inhabits benthic substates (sometimes found the mucilage of other algae) and is able to produce lorica with one or more tubular necks.[2] The other species live in the plankton.[1]

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Scientific classification Edit this classification
Domain: Eukaryota
Clade: Diaphoretickes
Clade: SAR
Clade: Stramenopiles
Phylum: Gyrista
Subphylum: Ochrophytina
Class: Pinguiophyceae
Kawachi et al.
Order: Pinguiochrysidales
Kawachi et al.
Family: Pinguiochrysidaceae
Kawachi, Inouye, Honda, O'Kelly, Bailey, Bidigare & R.A.Andersen

Pinguiophycidae Kawachi et al. 2002 stat. nov. Cavalier-Smith 2006