Podunavlje-Šumadija Zone League

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Podunavlje-Šumadija Zone League (Serbian: Зонска лига Подунавско-Шумадијска / Zonska liga Podunavsko-Šumadijska) is one of the Serbian Zone League divisions, the fourth tier of the Serbian football league system. It is run by the Football Association of West Serbia.

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Podunavlje-Šumadija Zone League
Number of teams12
Level on pyramid4
Promotion toSerbian League West
Relegation toBraničevo District League
Podunavlje District League
Šumadija District League
Domestic cup(s)Serbian Cup
Current championsSloga 33
(2022–23, 1st title)
Most championshipsRSK Rabrovo
(2 titles)

The league was founded in 2018, together with the Kolubara-Mačva Zone League, Šumadija-Raška Zone League and West Morava Zone League.

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