Poty Lazzarotto

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Napoleon Potyguara Lazzarotto, better known as Poty (Curitiba, March 29, 1924 – Curitiba, May 8, 1998) was a Brazilian artist. His murals - often made of ceramic tiles - can be seen in many localities of Brazil as well as in Portugal, France and Germany.[1]

Teatro Guaíra (Guaira Theatre) facade with Poty Lazzarotto's mural. Curitiba (PR), Brazil
Monumento aos Tropeiros (Poty Lazzarotto), Lapa (PR), Brazil.

Nonetheless, most of Poty's works were done in his hometown: Curitiba. Therefore, the artist mosaics, spread out through the capital of Paraná, are among the main icons of the city.

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