Provoke (magazine)

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Provoke (Purovōku, プロヴォーク), with its subtitle of Provocative Materials for Thought[n 1] (Shisō no tame no chōhatsuteki shiryō 思想のための挑発的資料), was an experimental small press Japanese photography magazine founded in 1968 by critic/photographers Kōji Taki and Takuma Nakahira, photographer Yutaka Takanashi, and writer Takahiko Okada [Wikidata].[1][2][3][4][5] Daidō Moriyama joined with the second issue.[1] Provoke was "a platform for a new photographic expression",[6] "to free photography from subservience to the language of words",[1] "that stood in opposition to the photography establishment".[6] It was a quarterly magazine that also included poetry, criticism and photographic theory. Provoke has been described as having "lasted for only three issues" but with "profound effect upon Japanese photography in the 1970s and 80s,"[7] and is said to have "spread a completely new idea of photography in Japan."[5]