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Australian musicians played and recorded some of the earliest punk rock, led by The Saints who released their first single in 1976.[1] Subgenres or offshoots of punk music, such as local hardcore acts, still have a strong cult following throughout Australia today.[2]

Many of the pioneers, like The Saints and Sydney band Radio Birdman, were pioneers and young Perth musician Kim Salmon, were highly influenced by proto-punk sounds from Detroit, in particular.

Fans started to form bands, both punk and dissimilar in sound, beginning a distinct Brisbane punk scene, one of the first in the world. By 1977, other bands were starting to form in Sydney, under the influence of Radio Birdman and other local and overseas acts. During the late 1970s, former members of Radio Birdman contributed to several new bands.

These bands and other Australian and overseas punk acts were strongly supported by public radio stations. The Melbourne scene, where art rock had segued into punk, evolved rapidly into post-punk, typified by the careers of Nick Cave, Rowland S. Howard and the little band scene. Another pioneering figure of Australian postpunk was Saints founder Ed Kuepper.

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