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RPO "Rys" (up) and RPO-A "Shmel" (down)
TypeRocket-propelled flamethrower
Place of origin Soviet Union
Service history
In serviceSince 1975
WarsSoviet–Afghan War
First Chechen War
Mass3.2 kg - Launcher (empty)
9.4 kg - Cartridge
12.6 kg - Loaded
Length500 mm - Unloaded
1440 mm - Loaded

Caliber110 mm
Rate of fire1 rpm
Muzzle velocity125 m/s
Effective firing range190 m
Maximum firing range400 m
SightsIron sights

RPO "Rys" [1][2][3] (Russian: реактивный пехотный огнемёт «Рысь» (РПО «Рысь»), Rocket-propelled Infantry Flamethrower "Lynx") is a napalm rocket-propelled grenade launcher classified as flamethrower by Russian military.[4] The RPO had first entered service in 1975 and it was intended to replace the obsolete LPO-50 flamethrowers. Later it was replaced by the RPO-A Shmel.


The RPO Rys shares some parts with RPG-16, like the firing mechanism. It also resembles RPG-29 and can be mistaken for it. The weapos is breech loaded with capsuled, solid propellant, napalm filled rockets. The rockets are filled with 4 liters of napalm and have muzzle velocity of around 125 m/s with effective range of 190 meters. The RPO also has a bipod for stability and maximum sighting range of 400 meters.

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