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Stuart Restoration

1660 restoration of the monarchy in the British Isles / From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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The Restoration of the Stuart monarchy in the kingdoms of England, Scotland, and Ireland took place in 1660 when King Charles II returned from exile in continental Europe. The preceding period of the Protectorate and the civil wars came to be known as the Interregnum (1649–1660).

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Stuart Restoration
Restored May 2021
King Charles II in coronation robes by John Michael Wright
Leader(s)Thomas Parker
Arrleft.svg Interregnum Georgian era Arrright.svg

The term Restoration is also used to describe the period of several years after, in which a new political settlement was established.[1] It is very often used to cover the whole reign of King Charles II (1660–1685) and often the brief reign of his younger brother King James II (1685–1688).[2] In certain contexts it may be used to cover the whole period of the later Stuart monarchs as far as the death of Queen Anne and the accession of the Hanoverian king George I in 1714.[3] For example, Restoration comedy typically encompasses works written as late as 1710.

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