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Te Ruki Kawiti

Te Ruki Kawiti (1770s – 5 May 1854) was a prominent Māori rangatira (chief). He and Hōne Heke successfully fought the British in the Flagstaff War in 1845–46

Indo-Iranian languages

labiovelar and plain velar stops: *kʷ, *gʷʰ, *gʷ > *k, *gʰ, *g The Ruki sound law Innovations shared with Greek include:[citation needed] The vocalization

Indo-European languages

becoming b p f (known as Grimm's law in Germanic). Among the other notable changes affecting consonants are: The Ruki sound law (s becomes /ʃ/ before r, u,

Centum and satem languages

phonetic correspondences section below; note also the effect of the ruki sound law. Assibilation of velars in certain phonetic environments is a common

Corruption Eradication Commission

Taufiequrachman Ruki December 2015 to present Agus Raharjo "Annual Report 2018" (PDF). KPK. 2018. Retrieved 15 February 2020. "House's KPK picks 'politically