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Semantic Scholar is aresearch tool powered by artificial intelligence for scientific literature, It was developed at the Allen Institute for AI and publicly released in November 2015.[2] It uses advances in natural language processing to provide summaries for scholarly papers.[3] The Semantic Scholar team is actively researching the use of artificial intelligence in natural language processing, machine learning, human–computer interaction, and information retrieval.[4]

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Semantic Scholar
Type of site
Search engine
Created byAllen Institute for Artificial Intelligence
LaunchedNovember 2, 2015 (2015-11-02)[1]

Semantic Scholar began as a database for the topics of computer science, geoscience, and neuroscience.[5] In 2017 the system began including biomedical literature in its corpus.[5] As of September 2022, it includes over 200 million publications from all fields of science.[6]