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Sacred Mountains of China

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The Sacred Mountains of China are divided into several groups. The Five Great Mountains (simplified Chinese: ; traditional Chinese: ; pinyin: yuè) refers to five of the most renowned mountains in Chinese history,[1] and they were the subjects of imperial pilgrimage by emperors throughout ages. They are associated with the supreme God of Heaven and the five main cosmic deities of Chinese traditional religion. The group associated with Buddhism is referred to as the Four Sacred Mountains of Buddhism (四大佛教名山; Sì dà fójiào míngshān), and the group associated with Taoism is referred to as the Four Sacred Mountains of Taoism (四大道教名山; Sì dà dàojiào míngshān).

Mapping of the sacred mountains of China

The sacred mountains have all been important destinations for pilgrimage, the Chinese expression for pilgrimage (; ; cháoshèng) being a shortened version of an expression which means "paying respect to a holy mountain" (; ; cháobài shèng shān).