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The Basilica of Saint Sylvester the First,[2] also known as (Italian: San Silvestro in Capite, Latin: Sancti Silvestri in Capite), is a Roman Catholic minor basilica and titular church in Rome dedicated to Pope Sylvester I (d. AD 335). It is located on the Piazza San Silvestro, at the corner of Via del Gambero and the Via della Mercede, and stands adjacent to the central Post Office.

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Church of Saint Sylvester the First
  • San Silvestro in Capite (Italian)
  • Sancti Silvestri in Capite (Latin)
Facade of San Silvestro in Capite, National Church in Rome of English Catholics in Rome, on Piazza San Silvestro. Beyond the portal, there is an atrium, with access to the church.
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41°54′11″N 12°28′50″E
LocationPiazza di S. Silvestro 17A
Statusminor basilica,
titular church,
national church
DedicationPope Sylvester I
Architect(s)Francesco da Volterra
Carlo Maderno
StyleRomanesque, Baroque
Length40 m (130 ft)
Width20 m (66 ft)
Nave width14 metres (46 ft)
Cardinal protectorLouis-Marie Ling Mangkhanekhoun

Built in the 8th century as a shrine for the relics of the saints and martyrs from the Catacombs, the church is the national church of Great Britain. The Latin words "in capite" refers to the canonical title of Pope Sylvester the First, to which in capite means in First, in Chief, or in Head. The basilica is also famous for a relic, a fragment of a head purported to be that of John the Baptist, kept in a chapel to the left of the entrance. A second Roman church dedicated to Pope Sylvester I is San Silvestro al Quirinale.

The current Cardinal-Priest is Louis-Marie Ling Mangkhanekhoun, Apostolic Vicar of Vientiane.