Sarawat Mountains

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The Sarawat Mountains (Arabic: جِبَالُ ٱلسَّرَوَاتِ, romanized: Jibāl as-Sarawāt), also known as the Sarat,[1] is a part of the Hijaz Mountains in the western part of the Arabian Peninsula. In a broad sense, it runs parallel to the eastern coast of the Red Sea, and thus encompasses the mountains of Fifa',[2] 'Asir[3] and Taif[4][5] (which can be seen as including the Midian Mountains).[6] In a narrow sense, the Sarawat start in Taif city in Saudi Arabia, and extend to the Gulf of Aden in the south, running along the entire western coast of Yemen, in what used to be North Yemen, and extend eastwards into part of what used to be South Yemen, thus running parallel to the Gulf of Aden.[1][7]

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Sarawat Mountains
A terraced side of one of the Haraz Mountains in Al Mahwit Governorate, near Jabal An-Nabi Shu'ayb, the highest peak in the Arabian Peninsula, near Sanaa in Yemen
Highest point
PeakJabal An-Nabi Shu'ayb, Yemen
Elevation3,666 m (12,028 ft)
Native nameJibāl As-Sarawāt (جِبَالُ ٱلسَّرَوَاتِ)
Sarawat Mountains is located in Saudi Arabia
Sarawat Mountains
Sarawat Mountains is located in Middle East
Sarawat Mountains
Sarawat Mountains is located in West and Central Asia
Sarawat Mountains
CountriesYemen and Saudi Arabia
Range coordinates18°16′02″N 42°22′05″E