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Science Friday (known as SciFri for short) is a weekly call-in talk show that broadcasts each Friday on public radio stations, distributed by WNYC Studios, and carried on over 470 public radio stations. SciFri is hosted by science journalist Ira Flatow and was created and is produced by the Science Friday Initiative. The program is divided into two one-hour programs, with each hour ending with a complete sign-off. The focus of each program is news and information on science, nature, medicine, and technology. The show originated as the Friday episode of the daily call-in talk show Talk of the Nation, but was spun off as a series in its own right when Talk of the Nation was canceled in June 2013.

Quick facts: Other names, Genre, Running time, Country of ...
Science Friday
Other namesSciFri
Running timeapprox. 110 min.
Country of originUnited States
SyndicatesWNYC Studios
Hosted byIra Flatow
Created byScienceFriday, Inc.
Directed byCharles Bergquist
Executive producer(s)Ira Flatow
Recording studioNew York City
Original releaseOctober 1991 (1991-10)
Audio formatStereophonic

The Science Friday radio program is produced by the Science Friday Initiative, a 501(c)(3) organization. The Science Friday Initiative is an independently run organization with a governing Board of Directors and Executive Director. In addition to the radio program, the organization creates educational and digital content, finds underwriting for the program, and hosts public science events.

Science Friday is also available in a podcasting format and is one of the most popular iTunes downloads, frequently in the top 15 downloads each week. SciFri podcasts are downloaded over 23 million times per year.

SciFri broadcasts excerpts from the annual Ig Nobel Prize ceremony on the Friday after Thanksgiving.[1][2]