Sebastiano Serlio

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Sebastiano Serlio (6 September 1475 c. 1554) was an Italian Mannerist architect, who was part of the Italian team building the Palace of Fontainebleau. Serlio helped canonize the classical orders of architecture in his influential treatise variously known as I sette libri dell'architettura ("Seven Books of Architecture") or Tutte l'opere d'architettura et prospetiva ("All the works on architecture and perspective").

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Sebastiano Serlio
Fanciful Portrait of Sebastiano Serlio (Print by Vincenzo Raggio)
Born6 September 1475
Diedc. 1554 (aged 7879)
ProjectsI Sette libri dell'architettura
Serlio's canon of the 5 orders of architecture.