Secret Service in Darkest Africa

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Secret Service in Darkest Africa is a 1943 Republic serial. It was Republic's thirtieth serial, of the sixty-six produced by the studio.

Quick facts: Secret Service in Darkest Africa, Directed by...
Secret Service in Darkest Africa
Directed bySpencer Gordon Bennet
Written byRoyal Cole
Ronald Davidson
Basil Dickey
Jesse Duffy
Joseph O'Donnell
Joseph Poland
Produced byWilliam J. O'Sullivan
StarringRod Cameron
Joan Marsh
Duncan Renaldo
Lionel Royce
Kurt Kreuger
Frederic Brunn
CinematographyWilliam Bradford
Edited byWallace Grissell
Tom Malloy
Music byMort Glickman
Distributed byRepublic Pictures
Release date
  • July 24, 1943 (1943-07-24)[1]
Running time
15 chapters (243 minutes) (serial)[1]
100 minutes (TV)[1]
CountryUnited States
Budget$174,536 (negative cost: $210,033)[1]

It was a sequel to G-Men vs. the Black Dragon released earlier in 1943, again starring Rod Cameron as American secret agent Rex Bennett. This time Bennet faces the Nazis rather than the Japanese. As with the earlier installment, Bennet is supported by characters from some of the allied nations in World War II.

The serial is also known by the titles Manhunt in the African Jungles, changed when it was re-released in 1954, and The Baron's African War, when it was edited into a 100-minute film for television in 1966.