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The September 2009 Vietnam tropical depression was a weak tropical depression that caused deadly flooding throughout central Vietnam in early September. Forming out of an area of low pressure on September 3, the depression hardly intensified as it meandered off the coast of Vietnam. Initially situated in a favorable environment, convective banding features began to develop and shower and thunderstorm activity formed near the center. On September 4, the Joint Typhoon Warning Center issued a Tropical Cyclone Formation Alert; however, a sudden increase in wind shear caused the system to rapidly become disorganized, leading to the cancellation of the alert the next day. The system continued to slowly track off the coast of Vietnam, nearly dissipating on September 5, before becoming better organized. However, the depression remained weak, with the JTWC reporting on September 7 that the depression had dissipated, though the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) continued to issue advisories until the depression dissipated during September 9.

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September 2009 Vietnam tropical depression
The tropical depression off the coast of Vietnam on September 3
Meteorological history
FormedSeptember 3, 2009
DissipatedSeptember 9, 2009
Tropical depression
10-minute sustained (JMA)
Highest winds55 km/h (35 mph)
Lowest pressure1000 hPa (mbar); 29.53 inHg
Overall effects
Fatalities9 total
Damage$2.52 million (2009 USD)
Areas affectedVietnam

Part of the 2009 Pacific typhoon season

Although the depression did not make landfall, the outer rainbands of the storm led to heavy rainfall throughout central Vietnam, peaking at 430 mm (17 in). The ensuing floods killed at least six people and left three others missing. Large areas of cropland were inundated by the waters and numerous homes were damaged. In Quảng Nam Province, damages from the system were estimated at 45 billion (VND; $2.52 million USD).