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Serbian Empire

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The Serbian Empire (Serbian: Српско царство / Srpsko carstvo, pronounced [sr̩̂pskoː tsâːrstʋo]) was a medieval Serbian state that emerged from the Kingdom of Serbia. It was established in 1346 by Dušan the Mighty, who significantly expanded the state.

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Serbian Empire
Српско царство (Serbian)
Srpsko carstvo (Serbian)
Map from the University of Belgrade.
CapitalPrizren, Skopje
Common languagesSerbian (official)
Common Romanian
Eastern Orthodox Christianity (Serbian Orthodoxy) (official)
Demonym(s)Serbian, Serb
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
Emperor (Tsar) 
Stefan Dušan
Stefan Uroš V
Historical eraMiddle Ages
 Coronation of Stefan Dušan
16 April 1346
4 December 1371
CurrencySerbian perper
ISO 3166 codeRS
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Kingdom of Serbia
Moravian Serbia
District of Branković
Zeta under the Balšići
Lordship of Prilep
Dejanović domain
Vojinović domain
Today part of

Under Dušan's rule, Serbia was the major power in the Balkans and a multi-lingual empire that stretched from the Danube to the Gulf of Corinth, with its capital in Skopje. He also promoted the Serbian Archbishopric to the Serbian Patriarchate. His son and successor, Uroš the Weak, lost most of the territory conquered by Dušan, hence his epithet.

The Serbian Empire effectively ended with the death of Uroš V in 1371 and the break-up of the Serbian state. Some successors of Stefan V claimed the title of Emperor in parts of Serbia until 1402, but the territory in Greece was never recovered.[1][2][3]