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Serbian Zone League (Serbian: Зонска лига Србије / Zonska liga Srbije) is the fourth tier of football in the Serbian football league system, consisting of 12 divisions as of the 2019–20 season. The divisions are run by the four regional associations, namely Football Association of Western Serbia (four), Football Association of Eastern Serbia (four), Football Association of Vojvodina (three), and Football Association of Belgrade (one). The winner of each division gets promoted to one of the four Serbian League divisions (Belgrade, Vojvodina, East, and West).

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Serbian Zone League
CountrySerbia and Montenegro (2002–2006)
Serbia (2006–present)
Divisions10 (2002–2004)
13 (2004–2007)
9 (2007–2008)
7 (2008–2009)
8 (2009–2014)
10 (2014–2018)
11 (2018–2019)
12 (2019–present)
Level on pyramid4
Promotion toSerbian League
Relegation toSerbian District League
Domestic cup(s)Serbian Cup
Current: 2019–20