Singranatore family

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The Singranatore family (Bengali: সিংড়ানাটোর পরিবার) is the consanguineous name given to a noble family in Rajshahi of landed aristocracy in erstwhile East Bengal (present day Bangladesh) and West Bengal that were prominent in the nineteenth century till the fall of the monarchy in India by Royal Assent in 1947 and subsequently abolished by the newly formed democratic Government of East Pakistan in 1950 by the State Acquisition Act.

Quick facts: Singrahnator সিংড়ানাটোর , Current region, P...
Current regionNorth Bengal (বরেন্দ্র)
Place of originBritish Empire
MembersJalaluddin Mirza
Mirza Zafar
Connected familiesMirzas of Hulhulia,
Singra Zamindari
Sardars of Natore
Chowdhurys of Atrai
Zamindars of Kharui
Suhrawardy family
HeirloomsMullah Bari Palace,
Mirza Mahal,
Gole Afroz College,
Rahmat Iqbal College

The family gets the name from their former estates and land holdings in the Upazila (sub-districts or counties) of Singra and Natore. They held significant influence in local politics and administration in the area and founded the first colleges. Serving as vassals to the Maharajas of Natore and the Maharajas of Dighapatia, the clan also produced many politicians and influentials.[1]