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Vehicle registration plates of Slovakia

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Vehicles registered in Slovakia were generally assigned to one of the districts (okres) and from 1997 until 2022, the license plate coding (Slovak: EČV, evidenčné číslo vozidla) generally consisted of seven characters and takes the form XX-NNNLL, where XX was a two letter code corresponding to the district, NNN was a three digit number and LL were two additional letters (assigned alphabetically).

An example of a Slovak car registration plate issued in January 2023, state-wide numbering scheme.

From January 2023, a new state-wide numbering scheme was introduced, preserving the same layout, but replacing the initial two-letter district code with arbitrary letters of the alphabet (assigned alphabetically, starting with AA). Other changes include new font and a smaller coat of arms.

Škoda Fabia with new statewide license plate introduced in 2023