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Socialist Republic of Serbia

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The Socialist Republic of Serbia (Serbo-Croatian: Социјалистичка Република Србија / Socijalistička Republika Srbija), previously known as the People's Republic of Serbia (Serbo-Croatian: Народна Република Србија / Narodna Republika Srbija, lit.'National Republic of Serbia'), was one of the six constituent republics of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in what is now the modern day states of Serbia and the disputed territory of Kosovo. Its formation was initiated in 1941, and achieved in 1944–1946, when it was established as a federated republic within Yugoslavia. In that form, it lasted until the constitutional reforms from 1990 to 1992, when it was reconstituted, as the Republic of Serbia within the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. It was the largest constituent republic of Yugoslavia, in terms of population and territory. Its capital, Belgrade, was also the federal capital of Yugoslavia.[2][3][4]

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  • People's Republic of Serbia
  • Народна Република Србија (Serbo-Croatian)
  • Narodna Republika Srbija (Serbo-Croatian)

  • Socialist Republic of Serbia
  • Социјалистичка Република Србија
  • Socijalistička Republika Srbija

Flag of Serbia
Emblem(1947–1992) of Serbia
Serbia within Yugoslavia in 1990
Serbia within Yugoslavia in 1990
StatusConstituent state of Yugoslavia
Official languagesSerbo-Croatian[lower-alpha 1]
Common languagesSerbo-Croatian (Serbian variant)
Marxist–Leninist one-party socialist republic
Titoist one-party socialist republic
Dominant-party parliamentary republic
Head of state 
 1944–1953 (first)
Siniša Stanković
 1989–1990 (last)
Slobodan Milošević
Head of government 
 1945–1948 (first)
Blagoje Nešković
 1989–1990 (last)
Stanko Radmilović
LegislatureNational Assembly
Historical eraCold War, World War II
9–12 November 1944
8 May 1945
28 September 1990
27 April 1992
HDI (1991)Decrease 0.719
ISO 3166 codeRS
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Flag_of_Germany_%281935%E2%80%931945%29.svg Territory of the Military Commander in Serbia
Flag_of_Hungary_%281915-1918%2C_1919-1946%29.svg Kingdom of Hungary
Flag_of_Croatia_%281941%E2%80%931945%29.svg Independent State of Croatia
Flag_of_Bulgaria.svg Kingdom of Bulgaria
Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Flag_of_Serbia_and_Montenegro_%281992%E2%80%932006%29.svg
Republic of Serbia Flag_of_Serbia_%281992%E2%80%932004%29.svg
Today part ofSerbia