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The Brazil Squadron, the Brazil Station, or the South Atlantic Squadron was an overseas military station established by the United States in 1826 to protect American commerce in the South Atlantic during a war between Brazil and Argentina. When the Cisplatine War between Argentina and Brazil ended, the station remained and continued to protect American interests during several other conflicts. The squadron was also active in the Blockade of Africa suppressing the Atlantic slave trade.[1][2] Under French Chadwick, the South Atlantic Squadron was involved in the 1904 Perdicaris Incident in Tangier, Morocco. It ceased to exist when it was absorbed into the North Atlantic Fleet in 1905.[3]

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Brazil Squadron
A wash painting of the brig USS Bainbridge.
CountryFlag_of_the_United_States_%281896%E2%80%931908%29.svg United States of America
BranchNaval_jack_of_the_United_States_%281896%E2%80%931908%29.svg United States Navy
TypeNaval squadron