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The Soviet Second League (Russian: Чемпионат СССР по футболу (вторая лига), Soviet football championship (Second League)) was the third highest division of Soviet football, below the Soviet First League. The league was formed in 1971 in place of the Class A Second Group of the Soviet football championship just a year after the division was downgraded to the third tier. Previously, the third tier competition predecessor Class B was liquidated completely. The Second League remained in force until dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991.

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Soviet Second League
after 52 seasons
CountrySoviet Union
Level on pyramidLevel 3
Promotion toSoviet First League
Relegation toSoviet Second League B
or KFK competitions
Last championsKarpaty Lviv
Asmaral Moscow
Okean Nakhodka
Most championships11 clubs (2)