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Federative units of Brazil

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The federative units of Brazil (Portuguese: unidades federativas do Brasil) are subnational entities with a certain degree of autonomy (self-government, self-regulation and self-collection) and endowed with their own government and constitution, which together form the Federative Republic of Brazil. There are 26 states (estados) and one federal district (distrito federal). The states are generally based on historical, conventional borders which have developed over time. The states are divided into municipalities, while the Federal District assumes the competences of both a state and a municipality.

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States of Brazil
Unidades federativas do Brasil (Portuguese)
Map of modern federated units of Brazil
CategoryFederated state
Number26 states and 1 federal district
Populations708,352 (Roraima) – 46,302,753 (São Paulo)
Areas5,761 km2 (2,224 sq mi) (Federal District) – 1,559,168 km2 (601,998 sq mi) (Amazonas)